5 Jewelry Trends to Complement Your Wardrobe This Fall

5 Jewelry Trends to Complement Your Wardrobe This Fall

The temperatures are starting to drop and you know what that means — chunky knits, biker jackets, turtlenecks, and boots (bye bye denim cut-offs!) We’re starting to refresh our wardrobe and our jewelry as well.


Put those cowrie bracelets and wooden bangles back to the jewelry boxes, and adorn yourself with pieces that are noticeable even when you’re already in layers.


The ’80s

Always wanted to go big but a little unsure? Take a cue from the 80s. Big statement earrings are back to rock the fall season. Be it sphere buttons or sculptural shapes, fall is the time to show off those oversized studs. The bold yet whimsical charm of these baubles will make you stand out from the crowd. So, drop the dainty earrings and dare to go big this time.


Charms Like No Other

They say fall brings a sense of nostalgia. Well, the classic charm bracelet is the right jewelry that gives you that sentimental longing for the past. If you have been collecting charms from childhood, birthdays or on your travels, now is the time to string them all together and create a unique charm bracelet.



Pearls show no signs of stopping down. They are timeless and elegant and never fail to dress up even the simplest wardrobe. They are called the queen of jewelry simply because they reappear season after season. While pearls can look good on their own, you can always mix them with metals and gemstones for a more modern look.



Gold Chokers

I know you’ve seen the choker trend many times, but we’re giving you an interesting take on this 90s jewelry. Out with the beaded chokers or black ribbons and in with the gold one. This metal version, which graces your collarbone, looks tasteful with absolutely anything in your wardrobe.


Braided Hoops

If you’re always updated with the latest jewelry trends, you know that hoop earrings are an all-time fave among fashion enthusiasts. But this fall, we’ll get to know a twisted version of these hoops. Enter the braided hoop earrings — just as lovely as a regular hoop but with a touch of quirk. This style offers a unique take on your good old hoop earrings, and is very versatile for everyday wear.


There is still a sense of dread surrounding us due to the current situation. But that doesn’t mean you should hold yourselves back from looking at shiny inspirations like our list of fall jewelry. Even if some of you are still working from home, we hope that the list above can encourage you to dress up nicely and adorn yourselves with any of the baubles indicated above.

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