Arm Candy: 4 Ways to Stack Your Bracelets Like a Pro

Arm Candy: 4 Ways to Stack Your Bracelets Like a Pro

Are you an arm candy enthusiast? Do you love to over accessorize?


While many are obsessed with wearing multiple earrings, others love to layer bracelets. Are you one of those people? Well, it’s not always easy to pick the right bracelet style when you have so many to choose from. So, why not stack ‘em up, right?


You may be wearing long sleeves this fall, but that doesn’t mean you should skip on donning multiple arm candies.


Style your wrist the fun way with the tips below.


No to Extra Jewelry

If you have too much bling on your wrist, remember not to wear too many rings, earrings, or necklaces. You don’t want your look to be chaotic. Extra jewelry is definitely a no-no when stacking up bracelets. Let your wrist be the star and keep the rest of your bling to a minimum.


Mix and Match

If you like to hoard bracelets and want to showcase each one, mix and match them and start with 3 to 4 pieces that are in the same style. A good example would be wearing 3 wooden bangles and 1 metal bracelet. If you want to be a bit eclectic, try varying the width or wear a range of colors. You can also try different bracelets with a unifying characteristic, and switch them up based on your outfit for the day. Or, you can go bold and daring with a variety of textures and sizes.


Less is More

If you’re not fond of stacking up big bracelets, you can always go simple. Instead of going for the bold and heavy textures or a variety of prints, opt for 2 to 3 bracelets with clean lines. Chunky jewelry may look fun and spunky, but metal jewelry like silver can keep your look elegant and put-together. A simple silver bracelet or a dainty leather can elevate your look without screaming for attention.


No to Mixing Metals

Mixing and matching may work sometimes. But that doesn’t mean it works on metals. Always be careful when working with metal jewelry as they can be a little different. Sterling silver, gold, and platinum are lovely to look at but they can never go together. It’s important that you stick to one metal type, or you will end up looking like a colorful disco ball.


Breathe new life to your old bracelets and experiment with your everyday looks. Wear a variety of style, go as classic or as bold as you like, or keep it simple — it’s your call. Whatever you choose to wear, remember that it’s not just about the jewelry, it’s about how you wear it!

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