6 Color Trends That Will Reign Supreme This Fall

While we are slowly transitioning into fall, there’s no question that we’re already looking forward to some of the color trends that will rule the season. In this article, we dive into the colors that will put life and energy to your fall wardrobe.


From the versatile gray to midnight blue and unexpected hints of orange, we’re sharing the most exciting color trends that will give your outfits a power boost this fall.


A Shade of Red

It’s not new to see a shade of red in the fall. From cherry reds to sultry wine and deep red, indulge in your love for all things red especially jewelry. This tone definitely highlights the color of autumn leaves. Be it a pair of big and bold earrings to necklaces with quirky pendants, fall ensembles wouldn’t be complete without a hint of red.


Midnight Blue

While blue is big during the summer season, that doesn’t mean you’ll stop using this color when fall rolls around. An interesting shade of blue — midnight blue –looks imposing and regal as seen in coats and jewelry. It is also a reminiscent of the night sky. So, if you’re wearing jewelry in this shade, it’s best to wear it while you’re out and about at night.



Tan has been a huge favorite among jewelry and fashion enthusiasts. Hence, we’re no strangers to seeing this color in the fall. From sandy tones to pale-pink camel, woodsy tan and toffee, we love a good tan jewelry moment, particularly tan feather earrings that will instantly give you that bohemian babe look.



A vivid orange hue is just what you need to bring cheer to the monotonous gray weather. This color exudes energy, vibrancy, and boldness and can be an odd choice for the cold season. But then again, who doesn’t love an energetic boost on days when the skies are constantly overcast and the weather is chilly. String your favorite pieces in orange and let your days be a bit warm and lively.



Are you a fan of muted tones? Well, you’re in luck as gray is making a comeback. This classy and elegant color will help you glam up your outfits. It’s a very versatile tone as you can mix jewelry materials in gray with a variety of colors if you’re creating your own jewelry. You can also wear this tone with anything in your wardrobe.



Juicy and cheerful — another color that’s not typical in the fall. But this standout tone is just what we need at a time when everything is uncertain in the world. We need an extra dose of optimism and lemon is the perfect color for the job. So, squeeze in a bright pair of yellow gemstone earrings to your earlobes and bring in that sunshiny feeling.


You’ll probably try on bold hues like lemon or orange or stick to the neutrals like gray or tan. Regardless of your preference, do as you please and know what works for you. One thing is for sure, a pop of color will certainly be a refreshing take amongst a sea of all-black ensembles.

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