Fall Jewelry Spotlight: Carnelian

Fall Jewelry Spotlight: Carnelian

Fall will start in a few weeks (or even days) and what better way to celebrate the changing colors of the leaves than to showcase a gem that highlights a rich autumnal tone — carnelian.


Carnelian is a semi-precious gemstone and has such a lovely color that it perfectly suits fall. Now let’s take a look at the properties of this gem.


Properties of Carnelian

  • Boosts analytic abilities and perception
  • Sharpens your brain and eliminates mental lethargy
  • Improves motivation and vitality
  • Stimulates creativity
  • Protects the wearer against anger and resentment
  • Promotes positivity


Now here are some ideas on how to incorporate this stone in your daily wardrobe.


Simple minimalist necklace

Minimalism continues to be in vogue. You can pull off this trend by choosing a thin necklace and using carnelian as your pendant. Minimalist necklaces are great for layering, especially now that you’ll be wearing long sleeves in the coming days. These pieces are delicate and not over the top.


Casual Bracelet

Create a stunning carnelian bracelet that is casual but not simplistic. It can take you from morning to evening without screaming for attention. You can wear them with any of your favorite long-sleeved dresses and brown boots.   


Tassel Earrings

Ever gotten round to creating tassel earrings? These pieces look playful and are great for highlighting your face. They’re also ideal for fun night outs. Since carnelian has an orange to reddish-brown color, your earrings will definitely capture the light thus brightening your complexion. Carnelian tassel earrings will surely draw attention, but in a more sophisticated way. They are great for airy dresses or pullover cardigans with jeans.


Carnelian Rings

Just because you’ll start wearing layers doesn’t mean you have to skip on accessorizing your hand. Add a nice rustic charm to your hand with carnelian rings. These are great for daily use or on days when you need a little pick-me-up.


Are you excited to switch your summer dresses for layers and boots?  I bet you are! Don’t forget to accentuate them with the warmth and texture of carnelian stones. They are fun and quirky and will definitely complement your fall wardrobe staples.

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