5 Ways to Support Your Local Beaders During the Pandemic

In these uncertain times, a lot of local shops have temporarily closed, some offices have work-from-home arrangements, and a number of employees have lost their jobs. As more and more people continue to be cooped up at home, many activities are currently being put on hold.


Though most of us are already beginning to adapt to the current changes, fear is still gripping the air. What if in a few months more establishments will temporarily close? How will business owners be able to support their employees?


Local business owners, especially beaders, heavily rely on events and physical locations to pay their bills. As a customer, it’s in your hands to extend your continued support so local bead store owners can keep their business going. Here’s how.


Online Class

A lot of beaders conduct beading classes and have workshops from time to time. Some even travel to different places to reach out to new buyers and beading enthusiasts. But with the current situation, activities and in-person events are canceled. Now if you want to try your hand at new beading techniques, this is the perfect time to sign up for online classes. In this way, you’re not only learning something new but you’re supporting your favorite local beaders.


Beading Kits as Gifts

Do you have a friend who’s having a birthday in a few weeks? Then, purchase a beading kit that comes with a print-out of a step-by-step tutorial. In this way, the giftee can learn a new beading technique and have fun creating a wonderful handmade project while in quarantine.


Share Social Media Links to Friends

Apparently, not many people can offer financial support in these difficult times. What you can do is to share information on your favorite beading sites to friends. If you have been following local beaders on social media, share their pages to others so you can help improve their following, and perhaps, boost sales in the future.


Gift Cards

Have you ever considered buying a gift card for future browsing? Local bead shops offer special treats during seasonal holidays and rake in high revenue. But they won’t get to experience that this year. So, check local bead websites to see if they offer gift cards, and treat your friends and loved-ones. This is a great way to ease financial burdens on the business, and lift up someone else who might need some pick-me-up in these difficult times.


Emotional Support

As much as financial support is needed during this time, emotional support is essential as well. Send your favorite beader a card or a care package. In these unprecedented times, we need to improve our social bonds and extend our appreciation to our favorite bead store owners and as a loyal customer, this is a time for you to give emotional support.


We hope the tips above can inspire you to reach out to your local bead shops. It’s easy to feel powerless, but one small act can help businesses stay afloat or just feel emotionally supported in these trying times.

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