6 Reasons to Incorporate Wood Beads to Your Jewelry Creations

6 Reasons to Incorporate Wood Beads to Your Jewelry Creations

Over the years, wood beads have won the hearts of many jewelry enthusiasts. They add an earthy feel to any outfit. They also make great additions to jewelry-making projects.


Want to know why wood beads continue to be sought after? The reasons below will have you itching to purchase plenty of wood beads and start creating new jewelry projects.


Versatility. This cannot be stressed enough

Wood beads may add an organic feel to your beading creations, but don’t stop there. If wood beads are a bit too casual for your liking, you can mix them with different materials like shells, bones, and horn beads. You can also throw in some gold and silver charms to jazz up the look of your jewelry designs.



Wood beads are durable and can retain their color for long periods of time. Since they are responsibly sourced and coated with a protectant, they are not easily prone to scratches or tarnish unlike other types of beads. You can bet that these pieces will last a long time.


A Range of Materials

Since wood beads are sourced from different kinds of trees, you can expect a diverse range to choose from. Each type of wood bead is unique which provides you more options when creating your own jewelry. You can start with palmwood, bayong, rosewood, and graywood.


Reasonable Price

Wood beads come at very reasonable prices. For many years, they’ve been overlooked because many haven’t discovered their potential for beading and jewelry making. Now they are sought after by beading enthusiasts for their various potentials, and also because they’re reasonably priced.



Worried about breaking your creations? Wood beads are lightweight and they won’t weigh down your wrist. They are also lighter than a gemstone of the same size. You can definitely wear a chunky piece without breaking your neck!


A Host of Decors

Not only can you use wood beads for beading, but for different crafts like frame decorations. Mix them with bone beads and other metals and you’ll put together an artistic output. You can also use them to create other craft projects like sleeve buttons and table decors — the list is endless!


Whether you want to experiment with wood beads in your jewelry designs or wear them to make a statement, you can count on these pieces to add an earthy, warm, and organic touch to your jewelry creations. If you’re looking for ways to take your creations to the next level, wood beads are your best bets.




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