6 Jewelry Trends to Look Forward this Summer

6 Jewelry Trends to Look Forward this Summer

Summer is fast approaching!


It’s a time for doing less and doing more fun stuff — a time to treat yourself with some beautiful trinkets! This season is about going for the classics or experimenting with different bold pieces. But seriously, you don’t have to wait till the hot season comes as you can wear summer’s hottest trends the year round.


From a new take on pearls to the always beloved hoops, the trends below showcase a diverse range and tips on how to incorporate them in your wardrobe.


Vibrant Stones

Now that we’re already ditching those thick layers and wearing more cotton and sunny dresses, summer is an opportunity to pop out those colorful gems. Incorporate some cheer to your look and welcome the sunnier days with vibrant stones in a variety of colors. Summer is all about maximizing color so don’t be afraid to play with different hues.


Animal Charm Bracelets

Birds, fish charms, or bugs? Never shy away from including animal motifs to your jewelry so you can sprinkle life to your jewelry designs. Whimsical and quirky, animal charms add a new twist to your favorite childhood accessories.


Supersized Hoops

Dainty hoop earrings are nice but bigger hoops are better. Summer is definitely not the time to blend in, it’s a time to stand out with those hoops! So, drop those small earrings and go bold with big hoops. Supersized hoops make for a daring look that will take you from day to night.


Sculptural Pearls

Timeless, elegant, and sophisticated –yes, that’s what pearls are. But this summer, it’s about pearls with a sculptural shape which is an unpredictable take to the classic pearls. Whether you go for real or faux pearls, break them out of your jewelry box and turn heads everywhere.


Single Dangly Earring

This isn’t really a new trend, but rocking a single earring is still very much alive. One large statement earring is enough to give your outfit a panache, especially when you’re dancing the night away! If you’re having doubts in the past to give this look a try, now is the time to make a statement with a dangly earring.


Low Hanging Necklace

Switch up your daily necklaces with long hanging ones. These beauties can instantly transform a simple top with a higher neckline. If you’re into deep-V garments, long necklaces can incorporate an imposing yet seductive look.


Regardless if you stick to the classics like pearls or you’re feeling experimental with a single earring, take your accessory game to the next level this summer. You may be spending the warm months in the comforts of your home, but you deserve to treat yourself to bold and vibrant baubles to lift your spirits and give you a renewed sense of energy.

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