Anklets: The Throwback Jewelry is Back in Style

Anklets: The Throwback Jewelry is Back in Style

Do you ever feel some sort of nostalgia when you watch reruns of your favorite 90’s show? Do you find yourself wishing to wear those trendy 90’s jewelry like the anklet perhaps?


Guess what? Anklets are making a comeback this year!


If you’re a 90’s child, you’d be delighted to know that not only will you embrace this trend again but also, it will be introduced to the new generation.


When should you wear an anklet?


If you’re in the corporate setting, anklets are definitely a no-no especially if the company has a formal dress code policy. If you’re in a casual company setting, dainty anklets in gold and silver work best as they can easily match your daily workwear.


If you’re into anklets with chimes, don’t wear them in the office or in places like the library, church or cemetery. You don’t want to annoy people when your anklet jingles.


If you want to wear your anklets with confidence, here are the best places to wear them:


  • At the mall
  • At a festival
  • By the poolside
  • Random get-togethers with friends at restaurants, cafes etc.
  • While on a holiday cruise
  • At the beach


Do’s and Don’ts for Wearing Anklets


  • When wearing an anklet, treat yourself to a pedicure first to give pizzazz to your feet. Wear a pair of open sandals to show off your freshly painted nails. To make sure your anklet is comfortable, choose an adjustable length anklet so it won’t cut into your skin.


  • Do wear anklets with casual sneakers, flats, open-toed sandals, backless loafers and mules, or even when you’re barefoot on the beach. Choose one that lets you move around easily and comfortably.


  • Don’t wear anklets that are too thick or are made of woven fabric —you don’t want to look like a surfer dude! Also, don’t wear anklets over tights or leggings as they will snag the fabric.


  • If you’re wearing an anklet for the first time, feel free to experiment –metal anklets, beaded, charm, or layered. Just make sure to choose a style that is versatile and goes with any of your outfits.


The anklet is coming back in style and is one of the hottest trends around. But if you’re new to this, find one that works for you. Whether you’re out for drinks with friends or have a lazy day at the beach, you simply can’t go wrong with a touch of quirk on your ankles.


Got more suggestions on how to strut your favorite anklet? Let us know in the comments below!

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