5 Ways to Boost and Maintain Your Self-Confidence as an Artist

5 Ways to Boost and Maintain Your Self-Confidence as an Artist

We all doubt ourselves, our art, and our abilities from time to time. As such, it’s easy to go off track with our goals and lose our sense of direction.


What does it take to brush aside doubts and get rid of negative thoughts? How do you build self-confidence and maintain it?


Not everyone is born with an amount of self-confidence. Some even have a hard time regaining one’s confidence due to past experiences. In this article, we’ve highlighted 5 ways to boost your self-confidence so that you, as an artist, can work on them and make them part of your daily habits.


No Comparisons. There’s no need to compare yourself to others

I’m sure you’ve heard this line a million times. When it comes to designing beaded jewelry, we all have different creative techniques so learn to appreciate what yours are. There’s already a lot of competition out there, and it’s unhealthy if you constantly compare yourself to other artists. Why not compare your old self to the new you? Check your progress and celebrate your little accomplishments.


It’s About the Process

Mistakes and failures are part of the journey. So, don’t beat yourself up when things go wrong. Take time to analyze the situation, assess what needs to be done, and take action. Learn what to avoid so you won’t make the same mistakes in the future. Remember the process is not always smooth sailing. There will be bumps along the way, but stay positive and believe you can get through any bumpy situation.


Challenge Yourself

Engage in activities that put you out of your comfort zone. Do it more often to lessen your fears. Regardless if you’re hosting a beading workshop or speaking at a beading conference, put yourself in challenging situations so you can grow. In between daily beading activities, look forward to setting new goals. You never know you’re capable of things you didn’t think you were.



Always keep your thoughts in check. There are times when negative thoughts fill your head like “I can never finish this project” or “Nobody will appreciate my work.” Don’t let those thoughts invade your mind. Do your best to bring yourself back to reality. Think logically and know that those thoughts are fleeting.


Be a Lifelong Learner

Learning never stops and I’m sure you’re aware about this. As you progress in your skills, so does your need to learn. Never stop learning, never stop exploring, and never stop discovering new ways to hone your craft. Always strive to be better.


I hope you take different opportunities to help enhance your confidence. Start with taking the right steps to have a healthy mindset. Remember building self-confidence is not a one-time goal, it is for life. Here’s hoping the tips above will help you boost and maintain your confidence in the long run.

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