How to Embrace the Minimalist Style

How to Embrace the Minimalist Style

Have you ever thought about how pointless it is to always follow the trends? You will find it hard to pair the trendy outfits and jewelry with everything in your closet. Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the basics as they’re versatile and will always stay no matter what’s in vogue.


Enter minimalism — simple and clean lines, subtle tones, and an understated way of presenting your sense of style. Minimalism has been around for years and many have embraced this fashion style. If you want to master this look, here are some minimalist styling ideas.


Stackable Rings 

Make a statement with your look and opt for delicate golden rings and pair them with similar rings. Do away with big and vibrant pieces or the ones that look trendy. When going minimal, you need to choose simple and sleek yet classic pieces.


Thin & Delicate Necklaces

If you own a lot of plain t-shirts, you can try a delicate necklace or two. This will make you stand out without having to attract attention. If you like wearing V-neck tops, take a long minimalist necklace and turn it into a gorgeous double chain. To add more flair to this pairing, put a scarf over the necklace to incorporate texture to the overall look.



Did you know that hoops are embraced by minimalists? This is because minimalism doesn’t always have to be sleek, fine, and delicate. At times, it’s more on emphasizing the simplicity of basic shapes that can give personality to the simplest outfits. When you add a pair of hoops to your everyday wear, choose a pair that is polished and comes in interesting shapes. They can add a bit of pizzazz when styled with either casual or dressy outfits.


Bangles and Cuff

Stacking jewelry is not limited to rings — you can also try stacking simple bangles. Pair a cool boyfriend jeans and a detailed top with a set of bangles. You can also try cuff bracelets with your favorite dresses. Just make sure to choose simple and monochromatic designs to nail the minimalist hip style.


Chokers With a Twist

Layering necklaces has always been a favorite among fashionistas, even for minimalists. If you’d like to add a new twist to layering a set of necklaces, opt for chokers. Pair your layered necklaces with a velvet choker for an edgy look. Or you can go for a golden choker necklace then pair it up with longer yet simple-shaped necklaces. This is the great thing about a choker necklace — you always have the freedom to be creative with it.


The minimalist trend isn’t just keeping things unembellished and ordinary. It is about experimenting with pieces that have clean lines and are in different shapes. Just keep in mind not to overwhelm your look with a great amount of detail — no sparkles, vibrant colors, and mixed prints.


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