Basic Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Basic Tips for Taking Care of Your Jewelry

Want to keep your favorite jewelry staples looking new every time you wear them?


Some types of jewelry like silver can discolor over time. That’s why it’s best that you know how to properly take care of your most valued trinkets.


Here’s a simple guide for taking care of your favorite jewelry pieces so you’ll be proud to wear them each and every time.


Proper Storage

VERY BASIC. Always store your jewelry properly. Buy yourself a jewelry box so you can organize your little trinkets in different sections. In this way, your jewelry won’t get tangled with each other, a pair of earrings won’t go missing, and the metals and gems won’t end up scratching one another. Storing and organizing your jewels properly will keep them looking new.


Take Your Jewelry Off First, Put It On Last

This is deemed as the best way to prevent your gems from coming into contact with chemicals found in perfumes or hair spray. Just remember the golden rule: put your jewelry on last before leaving the house and take it off first when you get home.


The Right Cleaning Solutions

 Use the right cleaning solutions that are designed to clean your favorite pieces. Use the right cloths as well as you need to make sure your jewelry will still retain it’s natural state. Also, with the right cloth, engravings and etchings will be safe and the surface will not be discolored.


Moreover, take off your jewelry on the following situations:



While some girls like to stay fashionable while lounging at the poolside, wearing jewelry when swimming is absolutely a no-no. Remember that pools and hot tubs contain chlorine which can tarnish metals and weaken gems. If your jewelry is soaked for long periods of time, it may not last long.


Doing Chores

 When you’re doing the household chores, make sure your hands are free of any gems. Be aware that certain products have chemicals which can cause potential damage to gems and metals. With exposure to such chemicals, your jewelry will be discolored. However, if you really want to wear your jewelry while cleaning, it’s best to wear rubber gloves.



If you’re out for a party at night and go home really tired, chances are you might sleep with your jewelry on. Don’t be surprised if you wake up the next day with broken jewelry — bent prongs, loose stones, detached chains, and a missing earring. Take your jewelry off before getting a good night’s sleep.


The tips above might sound like A LOT of WORK but hey, it makes perfect sense to get the most out of your jewelry after buying one with your hard-earned cash. So, learn how to extend the longevity of your favorite pieces and you’ll never have to worry about how they look like the next time you put them on.


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