4 Jewelry Design Ideas to Get You Into the Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

4 Jewelry Design Ideas to Get You Into the Spirit of St. Patrick’s Day

Excited for St. Patrick’s Day?


People around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to commemorate the death of St. Patrick, the patron saint who brought Christianity to Ireland. What was once a religious feast has turned into a day of celebrating the Irish culture — lots of dancing, drinking, parades, and of course — green!


Here are some interesting facts you need to know:


  • Patrick made his mark by bringing Christianity to Ireland in the year 432. But he actually wasn’t Irish himself. He was born in Great Britain to Roman parents.


  • Often used as a badge, the Irish legend tells that the shamrock is a metaphor for the Holy Trinity which was important when St. Patrick introduced Christianity to Ireland. Don’t confuse this with the 4-leaf clover — the plant which is generally considered lucky as it’s hard to find.


  • Back in 1737, the Irish immigrants in the United States first celebrated the Feast of Saint Patrick. Fast forward to 1762, the city of New York had its first official parade. By then, it has become one of the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parades. Come 1962, Chicago celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by dyeing Chicago River green. There were about forty tons of dye dumped into the river.


  • This is definitely the most popular activity –adults drinking beer! There is said to be a millions pints of beer consumed on this special day.


Now that you’ve already learned some facts on this cultural and religious celebration, how about getting into the spirit of the holiday with some St. Patrick-inspired jewelry. Take a look at our selection below.


Spring Vibes

Just in time for the spring season! Take inspiration from this lovely necklace with a floral-print pendant which closely resembles the four-leaf clover. Not only you can wear this during the celebration but throughout spring.

St. Patrick’s Day necklace

Casual and Laid-back

Even if you don’t want to go crazy with your outfits on St. Patrick’s Day, this necklace with sleek paua shell pendants will dress up your simplest wardrobe. You can even pair this with your day-to-day outfits.

St. Patrick’s Day necklace 2

A Touch of Glamour 

While most of you will be out in the streets, some may want to stay at home and cook for friends. Have fun entertaining guests in your best dress while donning this glamorous jewelry.

St. Patrick’s Day necklace 3


From having a pint at your local pub to enjoying the street parade, this jewelry is your partner in crime. What’s more, you can wear this piece in the office straight to corporate dinners.

St. Patrick’s Day necklace 4

St. Patrick’s Day may be a reason for many to drink lots of beer. To others, it can be a celebration of culture and tradition. Whatever you intend to do on this special day, I hope  you enjoy the festivities while decked in your favorite green jewelry!





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