How to Master the Bohemian Babe Look

How to Master the Bohemian Babe Look

Free-spirited, artistic, and easygoing– these are the words you most likely hear when someone mentions the term bohemian style. More than just a trend, the bohemian style is all about relaxed and carefree fashion. It is also more than just rocking an outfit for music festivals. With the right wardrobe and accessories, you can incorporate this style to your daily looks.


girl2Ready to pull off the bohemian vibe? We’ve covered the basics below.

  • Denim is key

A stylish denim outfit is part of every bohemian look. Start with a pair of acid wash denim shorts and pair it with a white, breezy top. This is a great put-together style that is cool yet laid-back. Denim is a versatile piece and would definitely match with anything in your wardrobe. Also, you can move around easily yet look bohemian chic at the same time.





  • Footwear

    For the bohemian enthusiast, strappy sandals are a must. If you are vertically challenged, go for chunky platforms or wedges that will highlight your legs. Also, block heel ankle boots are great for those flowy dresses. For a more elegant and sweet look, fringe heeled ankle sandals are your best bet.



  • Accessories

When it comes to bohemian

accessories, going overboard is the way to go. Pile up

on lots of bracelets and necklaces. Experiment with

mismatched earrings and don’t be afraid to look quirky.

Oversized hoops, wood and metal bangles, metal cuffs,

and long hanging earrings are your best friends!





More tips to follow:


  • Go bold with rhinestones and other sparkly jewelry, sequins, and some cute and spunky pieces to your wardrobe.


  • If you want a 60’s-inspired look, opt for big prints instead of small prints.


  • Incorporate grunge details like dramatic hues, studs, leather, and a few spikes. Combine soft details with hard elements that will result to an eclectic look.


  • Boho garments can be combined with urban or sporty pieces (print dress combined with sneakers).


And always remember:

Mixing and matching is everything when you’re into the bohemian style. Remember this is your opportunity to be playful and experimental. Have fun playing dress up with different prints, patterns, and textures. Throw caution to the wind and don’t be hesitant to go all out!


Bohemian style is absolutely more than just a fad — it’s here to stay! It’s a lifestyle that lets you have more artistic freedom wherein you can wear a mishmash of different prints and materials and not feel guilty about it.



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