Top 5 Jewelry Ideas For Your Next Grand Getaway

Top 5 Jewelry Ideas For Your Next Grand Getaway

Looking forward to your next getaway?


I know it’s still wintertime and you may be freezing your toes outside or staying warm by the fire. But it doesn’t hurt if you plan ahead your 2020 getaways — see the best local sights, dine at snazzy restaurants, and dance under the moonlight.


Whether you’re going on a boat trip or gallivanting through old streets, we’ve curated a list of jewelry that will help you look good depending on where you’re heading to.


African Safari

 Africa — the land of the majestic safari! Stay comfortable with light long-sleeved shirts, hiking boots, tee shirts, and athletic socks (to avoid the blisters). If your trip falls on a cold season, keep warm with sweaters, gloves, and a light fleece jacket that are in colors like olive, khaki, brown, and white. As for the material, stick to cotton for pure comfort. When it comes to jewelry, go for earthy pieces like horn, bone, and wood beads so you can nail that head-to-toe safari look!


Big City

Ahh, the big city! The hustle and bustle, the overwhelming yet energetic crowd, the majestic skycrapers, the sights and sounds. Walk the streets like they’re the runway and have a grand time exploring the nooks and crannies. For your wardrobe, opt for a classic city-chic look and pair them with trendy accessories like hoops, a set of rings, and cuff bracelet. You want to strut your stuff while maintaining the city girl look.


European Tour

 Whether you’re going to Spain, Greece, or England, the best way to explore Europe is to blend in with the crowd. Start with your wardrobe and pack versatile pieces that will let you be ready for any situation. Pick out stylish yet sophisticated looks and pair them with classic pearl necklaces, drop earrings, and minimal gold bangles.

Tropical Getaway

Ready to board a yacht and feel the sea breeze? Take in the stunning ocean views and set sail while decked in your favorite summer dress. For outfits that will take you from day to night, you will need a set of jewelry that feels light yet easy on the eyes. Go for a variety of shades that are reminiscent of the ocean and the sky– cerulean, teal, sky blue etc.


Winter Getaway

Don’t let the below-freezing weather scare you. Let the breathtaking winter scenery inspire you instead. Protect your body with warm and thick clothes. Choose fur-lined and fleece and make sure you don’t expose a lot of skin. Even if you’re wrapped in warm winter outfit, you can still bring the glitz out with a nice pair of stud earrings, a non-metal choker, and leather band watches. Avoid metal jewelry as you don’t want to feel like you’re wearing a block of ice around your wrist, ears, or neck.


Getaways are great times for rest and recreation, and for catching up with dear friends. So, before you hit the road, make sure to check the list above. You will surely look put together wherever you are in the world!

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