5 Beading Goals to Achieve This Year

5 Beading Goals to Achieve This Year

The new year is already in full swing and it’s time to reflect and plan on what we need to do for the rest of the year.


Apart from revamping the look of your studio, have you thought about new beading goals to pursue? What do you want to accomplish this year? What would you be proud to achieve?


Now here’s our list of beading projects goals for 2020.


Careful planning

 If planning isn’t your cup of tea, then now is the time to change that. Planning is essential in any art project. When planning your next beading project, you should have a list of specific materials, tools, and other supplies. You also need a detailed step-by-step process and a sketch of your design if you want to take on a more complex beading creation.


Wear more of your creations

 Do you have a ridiculous amount of designs that you’re about to toss in the trash? Why not flaunt them this year? Even if the pieces don’t go with your daily wear, be a little more spunky and eclectic and try them on! Don’t be afraid to experiment — wear your jewelry designs from your personal stash. Who knows, you might dig out and rediscover some of your treasured items.


Repurpose your old designs

If you’ve been beading for a long time now, try ripping out the old designs and reuse the materials to make new projects! You never know what you can come up with using different pieces. Repurpose your old designs and create something unique.


Learn a new skill

 This is definitely a goal for any beader out there. An artist never wants to stall, so learning is essential. Where is there art, there’s always a need to improve. Learn whatever you can this year and take your creations to the next level!

Join a competition

 Have you been tossing around the idea of joining a major beading competition? If you’ve been holding yourself back, enough with the negative self-talk and start signing up for beading competitions. Tell yourself that this year is going to be the year you finish some new designs and show them off to the world. Join a competition and showcase your talent!


What do you think of the above list? Setting goals every year is always a good opportunity for your beading routine. Just make sure they’re practical and doable goals. Make it a point to stick to your goals this year and in the years to come.


Anything you want to add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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