Ethical Fashion: A Closer Look at Coconut Jewelry

Ethical Fashion: A Closer Look at Coconut Jewelry

Ethical fashion has been all the rage recently. Beaders have now incorporated materials that are recyclable into their jewelry designs.


If you’re a conscious consumer and you care about the environment, then you’d know that prioritizing ethics and sustainability in the production process is vital. With this, we’ve picked another native material that will let you practice ethical fashion.


Coconut Jewelry

Made from natural coconuts, this material comes from the tropical country of the Philippines. Whether you want to purchase a gift for a loved one or you just want to create a piece for yourself, coconut jewelry will inspire change and encourage ethical practices in your beading designs.

Here’s why you should go for coconut jewelry.


Indigenous material. Many jewelry designers who practice ethical fashion use indigenous materials, especially when they want to create earthy accessories. This is where coconut jewelry comes in. The material itself is a raw and natural component.


The source is plentiful. Since coconut comes from a natural source, the material of coconut jewelry is abundant. Some materials can be rare and hard to find. Hence, they’re a bit pricey. In the Philippines, coconut trees are almost everywhere. Since the materials are readily available, they can be very affordable.


A variety of designs. Seeing that coconut raw materials are plentiful, you can create many designs! Have fun crafting different shapes like oval, round, and a lot more. If you want to have a unique and eclectic collection, coconut jewelry is your best bet.


Creating jewelry is more than just fawning over the finished product — you will be proud of wearing your creations knowing the material’s backstories of conservation. Be inspired by eco-friendly materials and be one of the those who want to create a difference to the environment. Choose coconut jewelry and incorporate in your designs the change you want to see.

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