6 Jewelry Trends to Amp Up Your Look this Fall

6 Jewelry Trends to Amp Up Your Look this Fall

6 Jewelry Trends to Amp Up Your Look this Fall

The season for swapping sandals for boots, tank tops for sweaters, and sun dresses for knitted fabrics has arrived. The time has come to switch up your accessories as well.


Whether you love big bold earrings or go for layered necklaces, jewelry always completes any outfit. In the spirit of the fall season, we now refresh our jewelry boxes with a set of baubles that will make layering clothes even more exciting.


Chain link Necklaces

 Are you into minimal dresses and tailored separates? Chain link necklaces work best when you want to add a certain polish to your wardrobe. If dressing down is your forte, adorn your plain tees or favorite knits with bold links to add a bit of pizzazz.


Chunky Rings

 If you normally do away from wearing small rings, give chunky rings a try! From sculptural shapes to bubble styles, double up for a bolder effect. In this cool weather, chunky rings will definitely give a finishing touch to your dress and tall boots.


Layered Necklaces

 As much as you’d like to layer your clothes, you can do the same thing with your necklaces. From gold chains to sparkly pendants, the more contrast, the better. With your favorites dresses, coats, and wool sweater, you can pull off an assorted layer of necklaces at varying lengths. Layering necklaces is one skill you need to master this fall.



People think that pearls are only trendy in the summer but they do pick up steam this fall. Consider the baroque pearls  — they are unique and are deemed as the season’s IT look. They may look sophisticated and look good when you dress up, but they can also be paired with the basics — skirt and sandals, white shirt and blue jeans. For this chilly weather, pair your baroque pearls with your preferred boots and jacket.


Chunky Bracelet

 Perhaps the most fascinating trend among the sea of bracelets this fall is the chunky bracelet. The most accessible ones lately are made of resin or acetate. Layer your chosen resin bangle bracelet on top of the other for a bohemian feel.


Bold, Gold Earrings

For all of you earring enthusiasts out there, bold and gold is the way to go this fall. Polished and playful, use this trend for your favorite fall wardrobe. If edgy is your style, wear your favorite faux-leather trousers with a pair of bold, gold earrings.


Now that we’re already refreshing our wardrobes, we hope the items above will help you pick the right jewelry that will complement your outfits. With all the layers you will be donning in the days to come, you will be happy to know that the pretty baubles on the list

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