Choose Limestone Coral Jewelry

Choose Limestone Coral Jewelry and Save the Ocean

Coral reefs fill the ocean with color and life. They are gorgeous underwater fixtures that decorate the sea bed. More importantly, they’re essential to the growth and survival of plenty of species of marine life.


Considered as the “rainforests of the sea,” coral reefs are the habitat of around 25 percent of the ocean’s fish and other organisms. Recently, we can’t help but notice the great number of coral reefs diminishing due to a lot of factors — water pollution, modernization, sedimentation, etc.


Limestone Coral Jewelry

There are many jewelry enthusiasts who adore coral jewelry. Most have the habit of purchasing products made from corals.


But the coral reef population is declining at an alarming rate. The depletion of coral reefs is now a heated topic. So, if you really love coral, here’s a better option — limestone coral jewelry.



Why limestone coral jewelry?


  • Limestone coral jewelry may not be authentic marine corals but they are designed to emulate the look and feel of coral jewelry.


  • The quality and design of this jewelry is more or less at par with the quality of coral designs.


  • Limestone coral has a summer feel — one might remember family beach trips and tropical getaways. Since fall is just around the corner, limestone coral beads can add a pop of color and warmth to your wardrobe this chilly season.


  • Be it dress up or casual, you can style your limestone coral jewelry according to the occasion.


When purchasing jewelry and gifts, avoid anything that use real coral. Red and pink corals are valuable for their aesthetic but they don’t belong in our homes, they belong to the ocean.


Help save coral reefs by conserving water to reduce wastewater production, supporting reef-friendly organizations, being a responsible tourist, and volunteering to work at local conservation programs. Lastly, educate your fellow jewelry making friends to spread awareness.

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