Color Combinations to Elevate Your Jewelry Part 2

Color Combinations to Elevate Your Jewelry Creations Part 2

Ever get stuck when choosing the right colors for your beading projects?


Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Selecting the right color combinations can at times be quite challenging, especially when you want to incorporate variety to your work.


Whether your jewelry creations are for business or leisure, we hope the list below will provide you the inspiration you need. So, put your artistic caps on. Here’s part 2 of our jewelry color combinations.


Sky Blue and White. With sky blue and white, one usually thinks of puffy clouds passing through a clear blue sky. This is a laid-back and tranquil combo– sky blue is a color of receptiveness and honesty while white serves to enhance the feeling it creates. There might be a few colors that don’t work well with white but sky blue always nails it. This combo is sophisticated and professional and doesn’t look “attention-seeking”.


Peach and Royal Blue. Solid and long-wearing, royal blue is a bold color that can be combined with peach. Why so? Peach is playful and playfulness is one thing you should experiment with in your jewelry designs. The combination provides a modern yet playful finish.


Pink and Gray. Need a striking contrast? Try pink and gray. Gray might look like a melancholic color but pink is there to give it life. This combination is a great example of how a youthful tone can do well with a neutral one. Many might think that gray can look a bit dull on its own but when accompanied by pink, the combo is more energetic and pleasing to look at.


Black and Yellow. Considered as one of the most common contrasting color combos, black and yellow have been utilized in a variety of situations — more commonly used on hazard signs to notify people of danger. But when it comes to jewelry creations, they are an interesting match that makes it easy for people to read and understand –yellow is brimming with brightness and black gives the jewelry a bit of mystery.


Cherry and Pink. If you want a combo that is a certified rule breaker, then cherry and pink is the way to go. It can sometimes be an eye-watering combination, as both cherry and pink are vibrant, but it can absolutely be effective. The most essential part is the balance of tones. If you want a more modern yet quirky appeal to your jewelry creations, cherry and pink are your best bets!


Choosing the best color combination in your beading projects should be something that is enjoyable and not intimidating. If you’re experiencing a color rut, you can always read the tips above. And remember to find inspiration around you as there are still plenty of colors you can experiment with for future jewelry creations. Happy beading!

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