Why Choose Sterling Silver To Fill Your Jewelry Collection Part I

Why Choose Sterling Silver To Fill Your Jewelry Collection Part I

Some people shy away from buying sterling silver because they are “too expensive.” Others avoid them for they don’t have good quality — they are not pure gold or are not deemed as fine jewelry.


In this article, we’ll give you reasons why you should begin purchasing your first sterling silver (and why you should do it now!).


A few fun facts


  • Sterling silver has 92.5% silver, 7.5% other metal alloys (usually copper).


  • Some people think sterling silver is an affordable alternative to white gold. Others believe that sterling silver is used only for earrings. But in reality, sterling silver is utilized in every type of jewelry.


  • Jewelers have used sterling silver for years because of its malleability, beauty, class, and durability.


So, why is sterling silver a great material for jewelry?


Limitless Options. As there are plenty of sterling silver options, it is easy for you to build your jewelry collection by adding more of this piece. Since sterling silver can easily blend with other metals, you don’t have to worry about them clashing with such material. They can remain understated when mixed with other metals but can definitely shine on its own.


Versatility. Regardless of the occasion, sterling silver will always be in. Be it going on a fun night out or a casual dinner, you can always count on sterling silver to put a sparkle on your look. Most importantly, you can wear the same pieces for different occasions. Since it is versatile, you can can mix other materials like gemstones for a fun, upgraded look.


Hypoallergenic Jewelry. Some jewelry are made of cheap brass, nickel or other base metals that can harm and irritate the skin. But sterling silver doesn’t have metal addition that causes allergic reaction. When you choose sterling silver, you need not worry about allergic reactions. Go for an essential accessory like earrings. You can wear them with confidence and without getting infected.


Easy Maintenance. Sterling silver might be a nice piece to look at but still, plenty of women have avoided them for the same reason — tarnish. I know it’s obviously disappointing to see your favorite jewelry lose its shimmer after being used for a long time. The bad news is that all silver can tarnish after periods of time. The good news is that wearing them frequently can actually prevent them from tarnishing. The oils on your skin can help clean the metal which means you need not worry about that dirty look. Also, you can have your sterling silver restored at craft stores so your jewelry will be as good as new.


A timeless piece, sterling silver definitely deserves a place in your jewelry collection. Regardless if you’re looking for an everyday accessory or a classic staple, sterling silver has what it takes to complete your look be it day or night.  It’s a superb choice to enhance and fill out your jewelry collection!

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