8 Classic Jewelry Must-Haves for Every Woman

8 Classic Jewelry Must-Haves for Every Woman


8 Classic Jewelry Must-Haves for Every Woman


Love shopping and scouring the malls for the latest trends?


Well, you’re not the only one. Most ladies get into the habit of purchasing different outfits while maintaining the basics. How about your jewelry? Do you update them as well?


Your wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without the right accessories. Be it going to the office or out for a fun night with friends, a few classic pieces can make your look go from drab to fab.


If you haven’t started building your classic jewelry, now is the time to do so.


Here are the classic pieces every woman needs to have in her jewelry collection.


Pendant Necklace. If you’re not a fan of chunky necklaces, go for a pendant necklace. It has a more subtle way of getting attention and complementing your wardrobe. While the chain complements your complexion and the rest of the outfit, your pendant is the charmer. Your overall look is delicate, yet a little reserved and mysterious.


Pearl Earrings. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend but it’s nice to have a bit of variety with your ear candies. Grab a pair of pearls as they look understated and relaxed. Diamonds might be a little expensive so you can save them for occasions when you want to stand out.


A Statement Piece. Statement jewelry will always be a mainstay in your jewelry collection. Though these are not considered classic staples, they are still must-have items as they bring a bit of excitement to your outfit. They look great when paired with simple and plain tops or light dresses. They are also fantastic for night outs and special occasions.

A Nice Watch. The power of a nice watch can make you look organized, confident, and sophisticated. Even if you’re donning a simple top, your chosen watch would make you look put together. Go for a classic leather band with a simple metal face. You can also opt for interesting color combinations that will  enliven your most basic outfits.


Gold Bangle. While a statement watch is great, it helps to add a beautiful bracelet to your arm. I bet you have some bracelets that you always wear, but a classic piece like a gold bangle never fails to impress.


Elegant Necklace. Whether you like a long chain and a bigger pendant or a string of precious stones that hangs below the collar, never doubt the power of a long, elegant necklace. This is great for wearing simple outfits, plain shirts, or high necklines. They add a bit of jazz to your wardrobe without looking overdone. Come sweater weather, don your favorite long necklace for a pop of glitter.


Diamond. Considered as the epitome of elegance, a pair of diamonds can certainly take your outfit to a whole new level. Diamond earrings might be a little expensive but they make you look dressed up on special events.


Stackable Rings. Growing in popularity over the recent years, stackable rings are the latest style that many fashionistas can’t get enough of. It may take some time to play around with them but over time, you’ll learn how to stack your rings without going overboard. Choose pieces that match your personality.


What we have in the list above are the classics that you should invest. You can always try something new, but whenever you lack ideas to elevate your wardrobe, classic pieces will always be your go to.



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