Types of Natural Wood Beads Part 2

Types of Natural Wood Beads Part 2

Plenty of beaders have now taken a step back to creating jewelry using expensive metals like gold or platinum. They now favor wood beads because of their striking color, texture, and pattern. Apart from making jewelry, they also utilize wood beads for making arts and crafts.


To continue with the different types of wood beads, our part 2 will give you even more reasons to prioritize natural wood beads over other materials.


Sibucao. Sibucao is a natural hard redwood with a vivid and beautiful red-orange color. When used as jewelry and worn daily, sibucao wood will darken and become more striking as it ages as it absorbs oil from the skin.


Robles. A tropical hardwood, robles grow very tall. They also form part of the canopy in rainforest environments. With the same properties like teak, robles is light but strong. Since robles has a striking wood grain, this wood works great in wood veneers. If you look closely, the grain looks like little waves that look like fingerprints. The tones range from a light rose color (sap wood) to a darker, chestnut brown.


Ebony. Ebony wood is dense and it often takes patience and skill to work with these woods. The word ebony doesn’t specifically refer to one specie as it applies to one or the many types of hardwood known for its dark color and high density. The tones can range from pure black to lighter colored stripe varieties which is commonly referred to as tiger ebony. Ebony wood’s striking finish and durability makes it a favorite among many beaders.


So, if you want to try your hand at creating jewelry made from natural materials, you might want to start with ebony. Ebony beads are sturdy, great when paired with a variety of materials, and will bring out the natural beauty and warmth of wood.



Rosewood. Rosewood is a robust hardwood which is pale in color and has pink overtones. It has a smooth finish with a lovely, loose wood grain. Because of its pale color, the wood grain is visible.


What makes wood beads so special?


  • The mere fact that they can be hand-made when used with the appropriate tools is enticing to jewelry enthusiasts.
  • They incorporate a bit of pizzazz to the finished product.
  • You can easily mix them with other beads.
  • Whether you go for bohemian vibes or understated elegance, wood beads are your best bet.
  • When not used as jewelry, wood beads can be great for decorative purposes.


Over the years, wood beads have worked their way to the jewelry realm. As a jewelry enthusiast, we hope you see the special and unique qualities of wood beads and use them for making stunning creations. Happy beading!

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