6 Jewelry Staples for the Corporate World

6 Jewelry Staples for the Corporate World

Are you confident with the jewelry you wear in the office? Or, are you having a tough time choosing the right trinkets that will complement your office wardrobe?


Since we need to look decent at work, we want to make sure that we choose the right jewelry.


If you still have doubts with the pieces in your jewelry collection, worry no more. Our list will give you what you need and are more than suitable for your everyday work wear.


Pearls. A classic piece, pearl doesn’t only look good on your ears but on your wrists and neck as well. Pearls are feminine and classy and you can never go wrong with wearing one! If you’re not the type who likes white pearls, or if you think they’re too dainty, you may choose a different color. There’s gray and brown for a more understated look.


Bangles, Bangles, Bangles. Bangle bracelets can be quite tricky to wear in the office. But when worn correctly, they look great when paired with a button-down blouse. If you want to wear two bangles, wear both on your wrist and don’t wear anything gaudy on the other one. If you want to wear multiple bangles, make sure you choose a minimal style as you don’t want to appear over the top.


Chain Necklaces. Chains are great additions to your business casual outfits. If you want to have more in your wardrobe, combine delicate lengthy chains with similar chains. For a different take on your necklaces, wrap them so it will look like you have two strands. This will also add in a bit of texture to your look.


Stackable Minimal Rings. Simple and delicate, minimal rings are the go-to for the stylish bohemian girl. But they can also be worn in the office! Mix and match different rings on separate fingers or don multiple rings on one finger. Make sure you choose a design that’s not too flashy.


Gold Hoop Earrings. Hoops of any style or size complement any outfit. When it comes to dressing up for the office, go for simple gold hoop earrings as they work best inside the office and after work. Hoops look even better when you wear your hair up. A high bun or a low chignon lets your favorite pair of hoops stand out.


Diamonds/Crystal Stud Earrings. Concerned with spending money on jewelry that you’re going to wear just for work? Not anymore! Diamonds and crystal stud earrings are two timeless pieces you can wear to almost any occasion and they never go out of style! They’re also great additions to your office look. You will never have to worry about changing your jewelry if you need to go to a formal event or have a fun night out after work.


We hope the list above will guide you in selecting the appropriate jewelry to complement your office wardrobe. Though most of the items in the list are great for work and off-duty, you could always expand your jewelry collection. From there, you can work on the pieces and come up with a look that will make you a force to be reckoned with in and outside the office!

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