Summer Jewelry Inspiration Part 2

Summer Jewelry Inspiration Part 2

Summer season means shedding off more layers. And when you shed off more layers, there’s plenty of room to show more jewelry.


It is also the best time to be a little playful with your jewelry as you wear the least amount of clothes. To keep you updated, we’re picking out fun and stylish jewelry you can rock this summer.


Here’s part 2 or our summer jewelry inspiration.


Chunky Bracelets. Anything that pops out this summer is always a good choice — chunky bracelets! The great thing about chunky bracelets is that it brings out a bohemian vibe. When you’re having a dinner date or a party, select a large beaded chunky bracelet. When you’re out at the Tiki Bar, you can go for a large nautilus shell — a tad bit extravagant, yes — but it’s summer so go all out!


Rose Gold. Rose gold has risen to popularity and it is quickly becoming every jewelry lover’s favorite tone. Its subtle pink hue is reminiscent of the sunset which makes it ideal as a nice piece to add to your outfit this season.


Choose a pair of rose gold earrings or a stud. For a bit more fun and flair, choose a pair that has a rose gold drop or feature rose gold alongside a traditional gold. Since rose gold matches everything, this jewelry is also great for daily wear.


If you think this is boring, put in bits of embellishments like sterling silver. These two compliment each other well. If you want a more extravagant take, opt for crystal gems with rose gold.


Choker and Short Necklaces. You certainly can’t skip summer without chokers and short necklaces — these two pieces can take a simple outfit to a whole new level. If you feel like you’re a bit too old to wear one, opt for a shorter necklace with a clean and simple style like a string of pearl beads that stay around the neckline. You can also look for a large Roman glass pendant that sits perfectly in place on the chest. If you need a bold look, go for chunky beads like amber. If you want more bling, go for adjustable chains or a cluster of pendants mixed with crystals or with unique cuts.


Hoop Earrings. Always fun and playful, hoop earrings are versatile as you can wear them this summer and the year round. From small to large hoops, you don can these exciting pieces from day to night, dressy or casual. If you want to take it up a notch, opt for a similar look but with a more unique material like marcasite. Hoop earrings with a cluster of Swarovski crystals are great for flamboyant party nights.


Take advantage of the warm weather and fully maximize your look with our list of summer jewelry inspiration. The more body parts you can adorn with jewelry, the better! Don’t be afraid to be a little experimental because after all, it’s summer — longer days and more time to go out and play!

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