Summer Jewelry Inspiration Part 1

Summer Jewelry Inspiration Part 1

Already feeling the summer heat yet?


The 90-degree weather is around the corner and with pool parties and beach nights on your schedule, it’s time to review your jewelry checklist.


Since the hot days ahead call for simple yet stylish outfits, let your favorite summer accessories take the lead. Don’t shy away from the new trends but also, don’t forget that there are timeless pieces that go perfectly well with your summer wardrobe.


Follow our tips and you’ll surely be looking cozy and summer-chic not just this season but the year round.


Ocean-inspired. When one says summer, one thing always springs to mind — the sea! Get those precious pearls and corals from your jewelry boxes and pair them with your favorite sundresss. Always a classic, pearls look best when worn in the summer. To make your overall look even more playful, mix your pearls with abalone shells, various gemstones, and fish or turtle pendants. But if you want to go for a more eccentric look, pendants in designs like palm trees, starfish or seahorse are great choices. Come date night and switch your look to an elegant mother of pearl.


Gems. What better way to feel summer’s magic than to accentuate your look with gems. When you’re out and about at night, precious gems will never fail to dazzle your chosen get-up. Since summer includes romantic dinners, beach walks at night, and partying with your girlfriends at the club, let the gems do the talking. From beaded styles to beautiful chains, find a piece that works for you. If you think that gems are over the top, opt for sparkly Swarovski crystals.


Vibrant colors. What is summer with donning some jewelry in vibrant colors? Bring out the brightest summer jewelry from your jewelry box and match it with your beachwear. To mark the beginning of summer, select stones in fun colors like turquoise and amethyst. If you want to give more emphasis to the sun or the sunset, opt for the vivid hues of amber or a bright red coral.


Drop Earrings. Go on full maximalist with your ear candies! Whether you go out to play or just have a laid-back time at the balcony, drop earrings are the perfect go-to items. You can even elevate the simplest outfit with a nice pair of drop earrings. Choose from elegant styles to artsy and colorful pieces to simple studs.


While some trends may come and go pretty quick, our list above have staying power especially this summer. As you start to make fun memories this season, opt for jewelry pieces that will take you from day to night. Don’t forget to mix and match and have fun with them as well!

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