7 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for the Superwoman in your Life

Mother’s Day is less than two weeks and what better way to prepare for this occasion than to look for the best gift. The most important woman in your life deserves something extra special.


Finding the perfect gift for the woman who has taught you everything is a bit tricky. But don’t fret as we’ve rounded up some of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts that she’ll cherish forever.


Tumbler. An on-the-go mom needs something to keep her hydrated. A tumbler is the right solution as this will keep her company whether she’s on a hike, at the gym, on the plane, or even at work. Make sure to choose one that’s environment friendly. In this way, you’re not only keeping your mom happy but mother nature as well!


Memory Journal. If your mom is the sentimental type, then a memory journal is great for her. All she needs to do is to jot down a line for a day (pretty short, yes) and do this for the next five years. It’s a wonderful way to remind her of the occasions she celebrated– the good, the bad, and everything in between.


Handmade Jewelry. Handmade jewelry will never go out of style and will surely impress your mom! Whether you go for earthy bracelets or sleek necklaces, your mom will appreciate the effort you put into your work. The design ideas below will help.

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Scented Candles.
Who doesn’t love a relaxing, nicely-scented candle as a gift! This is an ideal decor to be placed anywhere in the house. It can be a lovely centerpiece on your coffee and dining table or an addition to your other paraphernalia on your nightstand. If you have guests at home, you can light the candles to give the atmosphere a nice scent. Pyjama Set. Comfy, stylish, and a must-have for sleeping, a pyjama set is just what your mom needs after a day of work. She’ll look forward to wearing it at night with a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other.



Gardening Gloves. Since springtime is around the corner, a pair of gardening gloves is a fantastic gift for the moms out there who love to get their hands dirty! From pruning her shrubs to keeping down the weeds all the way to digging out dirt, this is just what your mother needs to make her garden look as good as new.


Succulents. Considered to be perennial favorites, succulents are great for moms who are not into gardening but love keeping plants all around the house. The best thing about this is you can paint the terracotta pots for your gift to look artistic.


From new moms to mother-in-laws to grandmas, we hope you can choose the right gifts for the superwomen in your life. Treating your mother with any of the options above (giving her time and a sumptuous meal as well!) is the best way to show how grateful your are for everything she has done for you!

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