6 Spring Jewelry Trends To Rock This 2019

6 Spring Jewelry Trends To Rock This 2019

Springtime calls for colorful yet eye-catching jewelry trends!


We are seeing a few comebacks this year — jewelry that is bold and vibrant, and creates an impression. Apart from the usual dainty and prim jewelry that we typically see every spring, the trends this year have now reached a level where pieces like chains and links can be worn with your everyday wardrobe and nostalgic charm bracelets are donned without any hesitation.



Just in time for spring! Flowers of all shapes and sizes are making their way back to your jewelry collection. Be it a striking flower pendant or an elaborate flower garden on your wrist, this is the trend that makes you feel like the season is definitely in full bloom.


Chains and Links

From the runway straight to social media personalities, chains and links continue to influence the wardrobe of jewelry enthusiasts and fashionistas. This springtime, the newest version is a slightly thicker chain-link choker necklace. Wear this piece even in  daytime and stay ahead of the pack!


Chunky Drop Earrings

Take your day to night looks to the next level with chunky drop earrings. These pieces bring in a feminine and bold vibe to your get-up. From a simple t-shirt to an elegant dress, chunky drop earrings will elevate any style in your wardrobe.


Charm Bracelets

Remember the nostalgic jewelry trend you adored as a child? It’s back and even more stylish than before. A charm bracelet is a subtle but quirky throwback! The great thing about it is you can always create one that suits your taste. Throw in a combination of classic and eclectic items and you’re good to go.


Celestial Jewelry

Ahh celestial jewelry —the trend that keeps going in and out of the jewelry world. We’re happy to know that the stars have aligned yet again as this trend has returned. Think starry nights and other heavenly bodies that captivate you when looking up at the night sky.



The one jewelry trend that will never go out of style — hoops. The thing about hoops is that it evolves from season to season and with minor tweaks, the piece becomes more stunning and relevant than before. This springtime, let this timeless piece reinvent your wardrobe and bring in more sass to your style.


The pieces above are going to reign supreme this season. So, take your earlobes,  neck, wrists, and even your fingers for a wild ride and don’t be afraid to experiment. Forget about dainty and delicate jewelry. This year’s spring craze is all about grabbing everyone’s attention!


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