6 Useful Hacks for Traveling with Jewelry

6 Useful Hacks for Traveling with Jewelry

Planning your next getaway?


As a jewelry enthusiast, have you considered how to pack and organize your jewelry?


It’s every woman’s nightmare to lose a piece of jewelry when unpacking after a long haul flight. Seeing the beautiful pieces getting tangled and jumbled or even losing an earring is just disastrous.


Here are 6 hacks for a stress-free travel with your jewelry so you won’t have to worry on your awaited trip!


Eyeglass Case

If you have a rarely-used eyeglass case lying around doing nothing, you might want to bring one for travel. Since it is solid on the outside and has a fabric inside, this is ideal for keeping your jewelry safe while traveling. An eyeglass case can also fit effortlessly into your handbag.

jewelry pill box

Pill Box

Aside from stashing your pill boxes with plenty of pills, why not use the individual compartments for organizing your jewelry? In this way, you can plan on what to wear each day. Each compartment may not hold jewelry in large sizes, but they’re good for dainty items. Best of all, pill boxes don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

jewelry roll organizer

Roll-Up Travel Organizer

If you usually travel with a few pieces of jewelry, a roll-up travel jewelry organizer is ideal for you. It is lightweight and saves space. It can also comfortably fit into your bag as it is flexible and is mostly made of fabric.




Cute Little Pouches

Those little pouches you see in arts and crafts stores are actually quite handy. Purchase one and put your dainty jewelry in it as it will protect your precious trinkets from damage and scratches.

jewelry travel case

Mini Travel Jewelry Box

If you want a more chic way of storing your pieces safely, a mini travel jewelry box is just right for you. This will keep your jewelry collection organized and you can find the items quickly. Choose one that is lightweight and isn’t too bulky. If you have amassed a large jewelry collection, then buy a big jewelry box that comes with a matching travel box.


Ziploc Bags

Ever a fan of ziploc bags? Ziploc bags or sandwich bags are great in keeping your jewelry in place. They can be easily stored in your bag and doesn’t take up space. You also can see what’s inside each packet.


Here’s hoping our tips will help you out for your next travel. But first things first, always remember to leave any pieces of jewelry that are costly or have sentimental value. This will leave you stress-free and will give you more time to enjoy the outdoors. Also, don’t swim with jewelry on and make it a point to clean every piece if it is exposed to chemicals.

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