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Must-Have Jewelry Staples for Women (Part II)

Have you already completed your wardrobe essentials? How about your jewelry staples?


Securing your jewelry staples is important as they can go with a variety of outfits and help you save time and money. Whatever the occasion, you can always count on these versatile pieces to make you look classy and sophisticated. From a birthday bash and intimate parties to job interviews, the essentials will help amplify even the simplest outfit.


Now that you’ve already read the first part of our must-have jewelry staples, here’s part two.


Statement Necklace. Statement necklaces are here to stay and the great thing about them is  they come back in different guises season after season. Take the classic bib statement necklace which is the ideal shape for most people and brings out the sparkle to any wardrobe. When choosing one, look for a piece with subdued colors to make you look elegant. Don’t go for bib necklaces that are too shiny as you don’t want to end up looking cheap and gaudy.


Hoop Earrings. Even if hoop earrings don’t suit your taste, we bet you’ll be a huge fan after buying a pair! Hoop earrings are versatile pieces as they compliment every face shape. Opt for a piece about 2cm in diameter as this is fairly noticeable without looking too oversized. If you want a more understated pair, go for huggie hoop earrings as they clip neatly under your ear. Want to stand out from the crowd? Get a forward-facing hoop or one with a stylized twist. Now if you want to lift a jeans-and-tee combo to a more polished look, a pair of minimalist gold hoop earrings will do the job.


Grown-Up Charm Bracelet. Who doesn’t love a charm bracelet? Charm bracelets will always have a special place in every girl’s heart no matter the age. In the last few years, these pieces have evolved and have become more elegant than before. When choosing a charm bracelet, find something colorful and meaningful. Avoid choosing one that has an excessive amount of charms and beads as the bracelet might end up looking tacky.


Stacking Rings. The number of stacking rings is three and they look clean and understated if there are no embellishments. If you want to try a different approach, combine three different rings or mix and match different textures in the same metal tones. You can also combine an infinity ring with a plain band or an enamel ring. If you want a more standout look, go for beaded rings and stack them against dainty rings.




Cuff Bracelet. Cuff bracelets are what you need on days when you want to dress simply but still look striking. There’s a variety of cuff bracelets out there and you can choose thinner ones or a much thicker piece. If you want a pop of color, enamel cuffs are the way to go. For a simple and understated look, a single gold bangle is key.


And that my fellow beaders and jewelry enthusiasts completes our must-have jewelry staples!  These items need not be expensive or bought from designer brands. When selecting the essentials, always consider your personal style FIRST. With a perfectly curated collection, you already know what to look for the next time you’re invited to a spontaneous night out or glamorous intimate parties.


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