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Must-Have Jewelry Staples for Women Part I

Is your jewelry box overflowing with sparkly baubles and trinkets? Have you collected them just for the sake of getting something new?


At times, choosing your jewelry can be a bit overwhelming. You get caught up with the latest fad that you end up buying jewelry pieces that are seldom used. Now what if you only had to buy a few pieces of jewelry, what should they be?


Here’s our take on the top jewelry essentials every woman should own.


Everyday Pendant. Choose a design that you can easily layer with other pieces. Though it may not be as striking as some of your jewelry pendants, make sure you select one that has a personality. If you want a more customized piece, choose your birthstone, an initial pendant or one with an engraving. Engraving techniques are more innovative these days and you can choose anything from zodiac signs, to doodles and to abstract patterns.


Diamond Studs. If a little black dress is considered as a wardrobe basic, then a pair of diamond studs are definitely must-haves in your jewelry box. These studs are very versatile and you can wear them to any occasion. Choose the right cut and setting of the stone and don’t get too caught up with the diamond grading –just let the design guide your choice.


Cocktail Ring. Adorn your finger with a big yet gorgeous cocktail ring. Look for one that is magnificent and eye-catching and it will immediately elevate your outfit. There are no exact requirements when getting a cocktail ring but you can always go for something dramatic, architectural or sculptural.


Pearl Necklace.  Pearls are some of the most timeless pieces that are sure to be mainstays in your jewelry collection. They should always be on top of your jewelry list. Whether it’s a pendant necklace or a string of pearls, get the length right with your body proportions. If you are tall, go for longer strands. But if you are petite, go for a length that won’t overwhelm your height.


Now if you’re not fond of white pearls, choose black or gold Akoya pearls. You can even don pink ones. But first, you need to carefully select the hue and luster of the pearls. Find a hue that would complement your skin tone.


Statement Earrings.  Want to feel fabulous in an instant? Rock those statement earrings and they are sure to brighten up even the most basic outfit. From colorful tassels to beaded pieces to brightly-colored hoops and sparkly chandeliers, you can switch it up and have fun experimenting with different styles. These pieces are often oversized but are versatile that you can wear them with anything.


Having a well-edited jewelry collection that covers all occasions can make dressing up more fun. It also takes away the stress of buying what’s trendy at the moment. No matter what your style, you only need a few essential pieces in your jewelry box.


This is just the first part of our must-have jewelry staples. Stay tuned for part two!

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