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May Birthstone: The Enthralling Emerald

May is here and spring has officially sprung!


Expect green hues to blanket the great outdoors. This color is just fitting as the green emerald is the birthstone of May.


This gemstone is a great choice for engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, and so much more. Since it has been around for centuries, the emerald has fascinated many jewelry enthusiasts because of its unique beauty. With its rich color and gorgeous green allure,  it continues to be a treasured gemstone for many till today.


Now here are some fast facts about May’s captivating birthstone that may surprise you.


Fast Facts About Emeralds


  • Emeralds have internal fractures called inclusions which provide an appealing pattern that increases the stone’s value. Contrary to diamonds, flaws in emeralds can boost the stone’s value instead of reducing it.


  • A diamond’s clarity is evaluated at 10x magnification. While an emerald’s clarity can be assessed by the naked eye.


  • This gemstone comes in opaque, faint, and deep greens. Green stones from the emerald family that are too pale are classified as green Beryls.


  • The deeper the green tones, the more pricey the emerald. The most expensive emeralds have a vivid green color and in other cases, a bluish blue.


  • It is one of the rarest of all gemstones. If diamonds are hard to find, emeralds are harder.


  • Legend tells that donning emeralds can let you see the truth and the future. Emeralds are also thought to protect against evil and can cure diseases.


  • Treasured by kings and emperors for centuries, emeralds are often associated with romance and royalty.


How to Clean and Care for Emeralds


Emeralds are usually treated with cedar oil to reduce the appearance of inclusions. Doing it the proper way will change its color or affect the way the light interacts with the gem. At home, you can use mild soap and warm water. Never use steam, chemicals or high heat as they can cause the gem to fracture.


The May birthstone is just appropriate as the celebration of life is blossoming everywhere. Now if you are interested in starting your own emerald collection, we’d suggest you begin with a small emerald pendant or earrings with great quality. If you want to get acquainted with more captivating green gems, there’s also peridot, jade, and malachite. The rich, intense hues make them just as exciting to wear to work or to random occasions.


Are you a May birthday girl? Do you have a treasured piece of emerald jewelry? Let us know in the comments below!



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