Aquamarine Beads

March Birthstone: The Aquamarine

Born on the month of March? Then you’re fortunate as Aquamarine is your birthstone — a member of the beryl family.


Aquamarine comes in different shades ranging from pale blue to greenish-blue. This stone in deep color is very valuable and enthusiasts usually go for a pure blue stone — one without gray or green tones. Regardless of the different shades, aquamarine is stunning and is a great addition to your jewelry collection.




Aquamarine comes from the Latin words aqua, which means waters, and marina which means the sea. This stone is thought to be valuable to Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea. The Greeks used to don amulets made of aquamarine engraved with Poseidon (the Lord of the Sea) on a chariot.


Aquamarine was believed to guarantee safety to sailors on their voyages. It is also the treasure of the mermaids and its power is thought to be even stronger when immersed in water.


Since aquamarine has a serene color, it is said to bring peace and has calming powers, boosts intuition, and relieves stress.  It has a relaxing effect on relationships, especially for married couples which makes it a fantastic anniversary gift. It improves communication skills and enhances response. Moreover, it helps the user with meditation as it clears out extra thoughts, aids in spiritual awareness, and helps in attaining a high state of consciousness.


Considered to have an effective healing capacity, Aquamarine can relieve pain that is associated with the stomach, jaw, liver, and throat.


Cleaning Tips


With a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs’ scale, Aquamarine is a durable gemstone and is ideal to wear everyday.  Despite the fact that its color will remain the same even when exposed to light, be careful not to expose this stone to heat.


When cleaning, use a toothbrush and a mild soap to wipe away the areas where dusts could accumulate. Use warm water instead of hot water to lessen the dangers of thermal shock. Avoid using detergent and enzyme cleaners as they can cause allergic reactions. Also, never clean aquamarine in an ultrasonic tank.  Finally, make sure this stone won’t come into contact with hairspray, cosmetics, perfume, and household chemicals.


As a hardstone, Aquamarine is great for any type of jewelry. It can be worn as rings, pendants, and earrings. So if you’re on the hunt for a gift for your friends and family who are born on March, or if you simply want to add more on your jewelry collection, you can never go wrong with aquamarine.


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