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Cocktail Ring: The Statement Jewelry that is Here to Stay

A cocktail ring is one of the classic pieces of fashion jewelry and is typically worn to different fancy events. This bold statement piece has become the favorite of jewelry lovers season after season. Though some people prefer to use cocktail rings at formal parties, others wear them when dressed casually.


But why are they called cocktail rings and when did they become popular?




The Roaring Twenties in America were years of opulent lifestyle with people rejecting traditional moral standards and defying the Eighteenth Amendment.  Prohibition paved the way for the speakeasy. Cocktail partygoers would come in throngs to delight themselves in the rebellious French 75. The Flappers, the stylish and fashionable women at the time, were decked in jewelry and wore the symbolic, ornamental rings on the same hand that’s holding an illegal cocktail. Hence, the birth of the cocktail ring.


Tips to Wear Cocktail Rings


You can wear a cocktail ring to different events but this piece is a versatile one and it’s good enough that you don’t need to saved it for special occasions. It looks just as stunning with a t-shirt or a detailed blouse with boyfriend jeans.


Now here are more tips on wearing the cocktail ring.


The Right Style. Cocktail rings come in plenty of styles so like any other fashion advice, choose a ring that suits your personality.  Be it a ring that has gemstones, diamonds, or ornate markings, you should be able to select one that says a lot about you.


Be Creative. Though cocktail rings are typically worn on the ring finger, you can always try putting them on different fingers. Also, stop playing it safe with just one cocktail ring. Mix and match two or three for a more striking look. At first, this might seem over the top but with a little coordination on the color, design, and style, you can make your fingers look interesting. You can also have fun with different sizes by pairing a large cocktail ring with smaller ones.


Choose Comfort. Always keep in mind that you’re comfortable when wearing a cocktail ring. Make sure that the ring is not too big for your finger or too heavy and tight. Also, be careful not to have an allergic reaction. Some cocktail rings are made of inexpensive metals so check what your ring is made of before slipping it on your finger.


The Right Occasion.  Always wear a cocktail ring that matches your outfit and is appropriate for the occasion. For your everyday workwear, choose a noticeable ring with a rather authoritative look. You can also go for a more architectural and sculptural style. For casual occasions and you’re in jeans and a t-shirt, opt for playful and quirky cocktail rings. Save the bold and bright ones for dressy or formal events.


And finally, wear your cocktail rings with confidence. These rings are worn to amp up your style and people will be looking at them so wear them with finesse and most importantly, wear them proudly!

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