Jewelry Care:  How to Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling New (Part II)

Whether it’s trendy, organic, vintage, affordable or DIY, we are all fond of wearing jewelry. We like to switch jewelry and choose one that perfectly suits our day-to-day wardrobe. From cuff bracelets, cocktail rings, tassel earrings, there are plenty of styles available that will give life to a simple outfit.


Unfortunately, jewelry do not last as it loses its color and shine. It also tarnishes and breaks and at times, leaves ugly marks on our skin.  There are no instant solutions so if you want to take good care of your precious jewels and wear them for a long time, this second part of our jewelry care tips will serve as your guide.


  • Clean diamonds with a soft-bristled non-metallic brush dipped in mild ammonia and water solution. Scrub away grime, especially on areas where there is buildup. Though some diamonds look clean, there’s a possibility that they have a thin layer of skin oil so make sure to clean them so they will shine better.


  • Considered as one of the softest metals, keep gold away from other beads to avoid scratching. To maintain its features, place gold in a soft fabric box or pouch. When it comes to cleaning tough dirt, use a special gold-cleaning jewelry cleaner. For light cleaning, go for a soft polishing cloth and rub gold beads and findings carefully to bring back luster and shine.


  • Copper, Brass, and Bronze. Never use household cleaners if the beads are antiqued or have an intentional patina. Wipe dirt off with a soft brush or dry cloth. Polish with a wax and leave the beads to dry.  Soak the beads or findings in warm water mixed with a tablespoon of salt or lemon juice to remove a tarnish or patina. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft cloth.


  • Sterling Silver.  Using an airtight container like a ziplock bag, arrange the silver beads inside and keep them away from sulfuric and acidic substances. Since sterling silver has a very soft feature, never place the beads beside materials like paper, rubber and cardboard so they won’t tarnish. Keep them clean with specialized sterling silver cleaning cloths or a cotton cloth. If the beads are already tarnished, use a silver dip to remove the dark areas.


  • Don’t let cording and leather strips crack and become brittle. Treat them regularly using a soft cloth dipped in wax, cream and shoe polish. Prior to cleaning, make sure to get rid of any beads or findings that are present on the leather.


From organic to casual, jewelry should be worn everyday and not stored or locked in a safe.  Scratches can happen anytime and that’s absolutely fine as long as you make it a point to regularly clean your jewelry.   Taking extra care of your jewels can really make a big difference. So, maintain your heirlooms, keep them shiny and use them for years to come.

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