Jewelry Care: How to Keep Your Jewelry Sparkling New (Part I)

As a beading enthusiast, have you taken extra care for your jewelry?


Beads and other jewelry making materials need special attention to maintain their features. If you plan to clean your beads and other jewelry materials, clean a few pieces first and then go for strands of beads or other finished jewelry.


When you clean finished jewelry, you need to be aware of the material as different materials can have different cleaning instructions. Now here’s our basic jewelry care tips to keep your jewelry sparkling new.


  • Wood, Bone and Horn. When cleaning wood, bone and horn beads, use a soft and dry polishing cloth. Since these materials are porous and can be easily damaged when exposed to moisture, you need to test first on a small area as discoloration is possible. You can also use furniture waxes and polishes to make them look extra shiny.


  •  If you don’t want to tarnish the polish of gemstone beads, do not expose them to salt water, chlorine or detergents. To increase the luster of gemstones, wipe it with a soft, damp cloth. Put a bit of mild soap on a damp cloth and clean the gemstone thoroughly. Dirty gemstones need to be soaked in warm water mixed with mild dish soap. Scrub gently with a very soft toothbrush and dry with a cloth.


  • Glass Beads. Since glass beads can get dull over the course of time, they need to be polished in groups using a household glass cleaner or using a soft, absorbent cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. Spray the beads carefully and wipe it with the cloth. Afterwards, rub them with a dry cloth to make sure they are clean and shiny. You can also clean the glass beads with a soft cloth dipped in mild dishwashing detergent. Rinse with another damp cloth using clean water and dry them with a soft cloth.


  • Pearls are soft and can be easily scratched so you need to separate them from other beads and findings in a soft pouch. When cleaning, avoid using abrasive materials like a toothbrush as pearls can be easily tarnished. Clean the pearls frequently using a soft, slightly damp cloth. To polish them thoroughly, use a jewelry cleaner that is safe for pearls or a mild detergent. Clean the pearls gently and rub off the detergent with another damp cloth. Do not immerse them in water when cleaning. Dry with a soft cloth afterwards.


A regular professional cleaning is a great investment as it maintains the look and feel of your jewelry. You are assured that professional jewelers are there to look after your prized possessions. They can easily notice if the jewelry is tarnished and will do all the necessary work to make them shine anew.


But even between professional cleanings, you need to take care of your jewelry and keep them clean. Take a cue from the tips above, maintain the look of your jewelry, save time and money, and keep them clean all year round!


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