3 Beginner Tips for Making Beaded Beads

Beaded beads are amazing designs that you can try out—but for those who are total beginners, you may want to slow down in creating your own beaded beads. Lucky for you, we have some beginner tips in making beaded beads.


Tip #1

Comfort is recommended in doing beaded beads which is why it’s best for you to use a stitching style you’re comfortable with. Even simple stitches like a basic peyote stitch or a ladder stitch is enough for doing beaded beads. But if you’re more into the advanced patterns then by all means use the more complex stitch styles as long as you’re good and comfortable with it.

Tip #2

Start with easy designs first before moving into more difficult ones. Going into complicated shapes for your beaded beads can be quite frustrating, especially for beginners. Just give it some time until you’ve become more accustomed with designing and making beaded beads.


Tip #3

Another thing you want to remember when doing beaded beads is that bigger is better in terms of using beads. Why is it good to use large beads? Because it’s easier to do your stitching since the holes are definitely larger! Once you’re familiar with the stitching pattern, you can then proceed to take on the challenge of stitching smaller beads.

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