5 Jewelry Pieces that Will Amplify Your Look this Spring

Want to perk up your look this season? Put on your best wardrobe and adorn it with your favorite bling!


As spring is already in full bloom, more and more jewelry enthusiasts are donning pieces to amp up their spring looks.  From attention-grabbing items to quirky shapes, there are plenty of pieces that will put a pizzazz to your everyday looks as well as help you make your wardrobe extra exciting.


Here are 5 jewelry staples that will accentuate your look this springtime.


  • Ear Cuffs. Want to make a statement with your ears? Ear cuffs can help your ears look stunning and sophisticated. Considered as one of the hottest jewelry trends, ear cuffs have been around for quite some time and have caused quite a sensation in the fashion industry. Since ear cuffs come in different shapes and styles and can fill a large part of your ears, you can choose one that perfectly suits your personal taste. Be it piercing or non-piercing ear cuffs, opt for one that’s comfortable and easy to wear.


  • Choker Necklaces. Remember the choker necklaces during the 90s? They are back and this time, there are plenty of designs to choose from. You can select from crochet and glassy chokers to gold and feathered ones. The great thing about choker necklaces is that you can not only wear them on a variety of occasions but also match them with sportswear outfits.


  • Statement Pendants. Tired of wearing small and dainty pendants? Why not put on some bold and statement pendants instead? Statement pendants are all the rage these days as they look attractive and are easy to combine and layer. If you think small pendants look plain and boring, then it’s time to switch up your choice and go for bold pieces instead.  Simple jewelry is more suitable for everyday wear but this springtime, it’s all about intricate and statement jewelry.



  • Stackable Rings. Obsessed with layering your clothes? How about layering your jewelry? Stackable rings are the hottest trend to hit the market. If you want to give this trend a go, choose thin delicate rings to keep the stack from being too crowded. Also, keep your assortment cohesive but make sure they don’t look matchy-matchy. Remember the most important rule: less is more.  


  • Single Earrings. Edgy and offbeat, a lone earring has the power to make anyone look cool. But at times, this trend is a bit tricky to pull off.  You need to have the guts to ignore remarks from people telling you that you’ve lost an earring.  Whether you choose a shoulder-grazing statement earring or an oversized ear cuff, make sure you pick out one that will make you look attractive and unmissable. From metal wires, gems, geometric shapes to a stud with a pop of color, choose one that matches your personal style.


The above pieces are jewelry essentials that you can rock this season and can bring a playful element to your everyday looks. Let these items bail you out on days when you need inspiration. So whether you opt for hand-finished jewelry or high-quality ones, go for a piece of jewelry that reflects your personality. Here’s hoping your spring look will blossom into its best version this season!

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