How Switching to Limestone Jewelry can contribute in Saving Coral Reefs

The Problem:

There is no denying that a great number of coral reefs are being diminished due to water pollution, modernization, etc. What does it have to do with jewelry-making? Well, here’s the thing: corals are actually harvested to be used as raw materials for jewelry designs. Some people are even purchasing heaps of coral beads, pendants, and other coral-made items—due to the fear of the resource being depleted.

Some may argue that harvesting coral reefs for jewelry-making purposes is just a small contributor to the depletion of coral reefs but if you really think about—it’s still part of the issue. Besides, coral reef population is declining at an alarming rate, making conservation a top priority.

The Alternative:

For those who truly love using coral jewelry for their designs, you may think that acquiring coral jewelry will be a tedious task or just generally expensive—but that may not be the case. If you’re willing to use another alternative then you would be happy to know that limestone-coral beads are an excellent choice!

Our sample collection of Limestone Coral Beads:

Just to clear out the confusion, lime-stone coral beads are not marine corals but just limestone that are meticulously designed to match the aesthetic or feel of coral jewelry. The limestone coral jewelry is on par with the design and quality of coral designs you’re used to (more or less). You can purchase your very own limestone coral beads here at Beads and Pieces! Just follow this link(link here)!

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