Bali silver and Thai Silver: What’s the difference?

If you love to use silver jewelry then you’ve probably heard or even used various kinds of silver jewelry. Among the distinct types of silver jewelry, some of you might have already encountered or even designed jewelry with Bali and Thai silver jewelry. Although both are classified as silver jewelry, they have their own differences. This article will tackle on what separates Bali silver from Thai silver.


* Thai and Bali silver content

Did you know that Thai silver has generally more silver content than Bali silver? Thai silver has around 95% to 98% more silver content than Bali or even sterling silver which has only 92.5% silver content.


But you do need to consider that the higher the silver content the jewelry has the less durable it becomes. This is because silver can easily be bent, transformed, etc. Whereas silver that has alloy content like sterling silver and Bali silver are more sturdy thanks to the added metals.


There is also a downside with silver that has metal content or alloy; it’s more prone to tarnishing. In the end, the decision is up to you if you want a jewelry that has high silver content or not. Both of which has its distinct advantage and disadvantage.


* The Designs

It’s easy to presume that the designs of Bali and Thai look kind of the same. However, if you take a closer look, there are some notable differences. You see, Thai silver usually has simple designs like leaves, shells, and many more.

Thai Silver Designs




Bali silver jewelry on the other hand has more complex forms with convoluted dots, lines, and other painstaking designs. Not all Thai silver designs are simple though; there are times when designers take on complicated animal shapes or forms.

Bali Silver Designs


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