4 Tips on Organizing your Jewelry Tools & Supplies

Some of you who are doing jewelry designs might have a problem with their workplace or designing area. Perhaps one of the most common problems for both newbies and even experienced designers is having their tools & supplies overcrowding their work space. Follow the tips below to clear up your jewelry-designing desk and get some storing tips as well!


1. Throw your Trash and other Useless by-products

At first, you might think that the junk or other trash on your designing area might not be something to take notice of. But then again, once the metal scraps, wires, and other excess starts to pile up, you will finally see how it can occupy and deter your work. Just get rid of those non-valuable scraps as soon as possible so that it won’t stack on your workspace and other storage area.


2. Storage for Your Pliers, Wires, etc.

Although there are countless tools and supplies in jewelry-designing, the most prominent ones are the pliers and wires. To make things easier for you in finding these items, just place them on storage areas like boxes, drawers, or even baskets. But be sure that the containers you used have specific categories. Let’s say you assign 1 specific box for pliers and another one only for wires. You can also apply this storage style with other supplies and tools.


3. Taking Care of your Pliers

For extra protection, be sure to cover pliers since there may be a possibility that it will cut you. Simply use recycled paper to wrap the sharp part of the pliers and a rubber band to fasten the paper cover.


4. Use your jewelry-designing workspace strictly for jewelry-making

This is more of a bonus tip. There are times when we use the jewelry workspace for other non-jewelry activities. This can be troublesome in the long run since there is a tendency that you will disorganize everything due to the variety of the activities.

2 thoughts on “4 Tips on Organizing your Jewelry Tools & Supplies

  1. This was very helpful to me especially now at the beginning of this year. I’ve been teaching jewelry making & making designs and selling jewelry for over 10 yrs. and this happens to me at least twice a year where my work space looks like it’s been attacked by almost every strand of beads I own and it stifles my thought process. So thanks for the tips they will help me to flow and be productive.

    • Thank you Brigitte for your comment. We all have our own priorities and organizing my work place unfortunately is not one of my top priority as I can always work around the mess. But I am realizing how inefficient and frustrating it can be to look for that last component to finish your jewelry. Happy Beading!

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