How to Store Your Beading Wire and Other Stringing Materials

It’s not just your beads and tools that need to be stored properly, your wires too! Storing and organizing your stringing materials can be very beneficial for you since it can help you prepare your project with more ease. Also, your wires will become more organized if you store it in an orderly fashion.


1. Store it in a drawer or cabinet

You can easily place your wires in the drawer for easier access. Some of you might want to put your other tools and supplies like findings, crimping tools, and wire in the drawer—but be sure to place them separately with the use of a divider. It would also be a good idea to label the spool covers of your wire with markers. You can write something like “for gemstones” for the wires used for gemstones. It’s up to you what you want to label your spool covers as long as it helps you organize everything.


2. Use a wire stand

A wire stand looks great and it can easily be customized. For example: you can line them up according to colors. For a more functional purpose: place your most used wires near the top or near the bottom so that you can reach it easily.


3. Pegboard

If you noticed that your drawers and table are already full and clunky, then you might need another space to put your wire spools. A viable option would be to install a pegboard in your workspace. You simply place your wire collection on the hooks of the pegboard. Another advantage of using pegboards is that it’s easily expandable as opposed to buying another table or cabinet to place your tools and supplies.


4.  Ribbon container to wire container

Don’t limit your ribbon containers just for your ribbons; you can also use it for your wires and other stringing materials. These containers aren’t expensive and you can probably purchase one with a promo. Ribbon containers also come in lots of various shapes, sizes, and color.

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