4 Useful Tips on using Steel Wire for your Jewelry

Using materials that you’re not familiar with in jewelry making can be quite daunting. The texture of the material, its function, and the general feel of it can be foreign. Although it’s nice to be using something you’re comfortable with, it’s also advisable to use new tools, supplies, and components to broaden your jewelry-designing. Some of you might want to try out using steel wires for your jewelry designs but don’t know some nifty advises on using it. Check out some handy tips on using steel wire for your jewelry.


1. Choosing the steel wire

For starters, it’s best to purchase the galvanized kind of steel wire since it takes a long time to rust.


2. Safety first

Before you begin your project, be sure to use safety goggles to protect your eyes from flinging debris. Also, you may want to pass using steel wire if you have metal allergy to avoid any pesky allergic reactions.


3. Preserving steel wire

Steel wire will inevitably rust, and its oxidation process will be accelerated if you don’t use some sort of anti-rust spray. To prevent your steel wire from rusting, you can use an acrylic spray or any spray that helps protect the steel wire from oxidation.


4. Use heavyweight wire cutters

Don’t underestimate the strength of steel wires; these wires are so tough that your typical wire cutters might not do the job. Use those strong or heavyweight wire cutters designed for cutting steel.


5. Bending the wires

Just like the wire cutters, you need to use heavy-duty pliers to be able to bend the wire to your will. However, you need to be careful when bending steel wires that have very thick gauges since it’s difficult to un-bend those kinds of wires.

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