3 Easy Tips when Taking a Beading/Jewelry Class

Some may argue that you don’t need to take beading or jewelry classes anymore since you can learn beading tips and knowledge from the internet, books, or magazines. However, that’s not the case for everyone. Certainly, there are people who learn faster if they have a tutor or they just love to learn with like-minded individuals together in a class. If you prefer to take a beading class then you might want to keep these tips in mind.


1. Always be prepared with your tools and supplies

This might seem like a no-brainer but the focus of this topic is to make sure that you’re always prepared with the right materials. Be sure to bring the specific beads, wires, and other items required by the instructor. Bringing the wrong or substandard materials will probably make your final jewelry output inadequate.


2. Polish your skills 

Don’t just practice your jewelry-making technique when you’re in class, practice it when you have free time. Practice might not make your techniques perfect, but it will significantly improve it. A good example on why you should continually improve your skills: your class might be taking on more complex stitching techniques in the near future so your fundamental skills should be already enough to take on those advanced lessons.


3.Ask questions when you don’t understand something 

You’re in that jewelry-making class to learn, so don’t hesitate to ask any questions! But be sure to ask questions at the appropriate time like after the instructions have been discussed. It’s likely that the tutor will dedicate a separate time to entertain questions.

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