How to Care and Preserve your Leather Jewelry

Like all fashion accessories, leather jewelry needs special care in order for it to maintain its stylish appearance. Leather material can be quite delicate so you need to be cautious when wearing it. You also have to routinely care for your leather jewelry since it does require a bit of maintenance. Follow these tips below to learn more on how to take care of your leather jewelry.


Safeguarding the Leather

-If you don’t do any necessary precautions to protect your leather from the elements (rain, sun etc.) then your leather will probably have lots of blemishes. You can see that the damage has already been done when you see cracks all over your leather. Another sign that your leather is damaged is when its texture is completely rigid.

The usual cause of tarnish in leather is liquid. You can avoid wearing your leather jewelry when it’s raining or just be watchful when you’re washing your hands while wearing a leather bracelet. Of course, there are times were we can’t avoid our leather jewelry getting wet. In this case, you can use moisture barriers as protection. Apply the moisture barrier from time-to-time since it’s not advisable to use it on your leather every day.


Storing the Leather

-When taking care of jewelry, you usually hear the advice of people to store your jewelry in a plastic bag. However, with leather jewelry, it’s not advisable to place it in plastic since it will cause your leather to grow mildew (white fungus). Just store your leather in a cool and dry place.


What if it already has mildew? 

-It’s not the end of your leather jewelry when it already has mildew outbreak, you can still do something to remove the pesky fungus. Here are two solutions you can use.


Solution 1 (1 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1 cup of water)

-First things first, dip a clean cloth into the solution. After that, wipe the affected area and let it dry away from sunlight.


Solution 2 (Germicide Soap and water)

-wash the leather with the germicide soap. Dry it with a cloth and let it dry again away from sunlight.



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