3 Useful Tips in using 2-hole Beads

If you have been beading for quite some time, you might have come across special beads like “2-hole beads”. This bead’s unique feature is that is has two stringing holes instead of the usual one hole stringing bead. The designs vary from colors, shape, and many more. If you want to try out these special beads or found some difficulty using it, then check out our tips! 


1. Be wary of coatings that block the holes 

Sometimes there can be factory defects which results in the beads having extra coating in the holes. These excess coating often blocks one of the two holes. Don’t worry; you don’t have to throw that bead piece away. You can just get a beading awl and use its sharp and strong needle to gently remove the coating. However, you need to use an eye protector since the pressure might cause the coat fragment to hit your eye.  


2. Try out different styles and designs!

Since 2-hole beads allow a great deal of possibilities for designs, you may want to experiment with the beads with dozens of jewelry components. The beads can also be used to practice your different stitching techniques.  


3. Take note of the material used to make the beads

Some people think that all 2-hole beads are all the same since it has its own category but that’s not true. Various brands use different materials for creating 2-hole beads; which means you need to be aware of the material composition of your 2-hole beads if you want to have the right output of your project. You see, some jewelry components don’t go well with a specific project—and 2-hole beads is no exception. 


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