How to Select the Correct Type of Beading Thread/Wires for Your Project

There are various types of beading threads that are sold in beading shops. Selecting random threads for your beadwork is not a good idea since specific types of bead threads are required to successfully create or replicate certain bead projects.

Some may argue that a project can still be finished with any bead thread but the output will probably be of poor quality. Therefore, selecting the best type of beading thread must go hand on hand with the project requirements. Learn how to select the correct type of beading thread for your project with the help of the tips below. 


1. For Gemstones and Pearls

Use: Silk Cord 

Gemstones and pearls are among the few jewelry components that hold great value. It’s not a good idea to string these gems onto cheap or mismatched threads since it’s going to look mediocre. The best thread used for these precious stones is none other than silk cords!

For countless years, these cords were used to string pearls and gemstones because of its smooth material and it just fits well with the stones. As for what brand to use, Griffin Silk/ Beadalon Silk are among the best silk cords you can buy in the market. 


2. For Heavy duty Bead Stringing and Bead Weaving

Use: Fine and Durable Threads

These types of threads can actually be used in beadwork in general. However, these threads are best used for stringing heavy or multiple jewelry components due to its strength. The Beadalon 49 strand wire is a great choice due to its strength and flexibility. 


3. For projects that require low visibility form threads

Use: Transparent Threads 

Sometimes there are projects that look horrible if the threads are protruding, intertwined, etc. Obviously, you want these threads to have low visibility. That’s when transparent or clear threads are used. Crystal Clear Fireline is a popular choice for beaders around the world. 


4. For jewelry that needs to be tightly placed together

Use: Stiff Tension Threads

These type of threads help tighten all your jewelry components. Although these threads are high tension, it should be easy to use.