Top 7 Gemstones You Can Easily Afford

Gemstones have gained the impression as an exclusive jewelry material that the elite and ridiculously rich members of society can afford. In reality, there are some gemstones out there that are inexpensive and eye-catching as well. However, there are different types of gemstones in the market and it can be mind-boggling. So, in favor of those who want to purchase low-priced gemstones, we compiled a list of the top gemstones that any average Joe can afford. 


1. Agate

There are varying colors, patterns, and types of agate, but most of it is low-cost. Colors include but not limited to: pink, moss, blue, white, banded, etc. 


2. Amethyst 

The purple quartz is popular among gem collectors and jewelry designers due to its wide range of color intensity and attractive qualities. Historically, it was known as the symbol of power among the Egyptian and British elite—and it was also expensive in the past. Today, Amethyst is very common and also affordable. It sells $10 per carat! 


3. Citrine

Citrine may be rare but why is it one of the most inexpensive gemstones? This is because it can be easily mimicked with a few lab treatments. You see, a lot of Citrine is actually a leftover amethyst or quartz. With the help of heat treatment, the yellow/brown color is developed in the gemstones, and thus, you have citrine. 


4. Jasper

Jasper has a variety of colors such as red, green, brown, blue, purple, pink, etc. Although it has many colors, red is its dominant and common color. Red is usually used for pendants due to its soft nature.  


5. Onyx

Onyx can sometimes be mistaken as black dyed agate since it does share a few similarities. However, authentic onyx is not pricey. Not all onyx are black, there are some of these stones that have a distinct white color. 


6. Tiger’s Eye

Another common gemstone that has mainly a yellow hue but also shares black and brown colors. But be aware that there are pricey tiger eyes. These expensive ones have extremely rare color combinations.  


7. Turquoise 

The better graded turquoise is quite expensive due to its rarity, but the common grades are very affordable. The colors are usually blue and blue green. 




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