How to Prevent Your Jewelry Wires from Unwinding

You’re totally excited to start another beading project, and you hastily get your tools, supplies, and beading components. After beading for a few minutes, you noticed something annoying that will likely hinder your beadwork. It seems that your jewelry wire is uncoiled in a messy way. This is actually a problem that every jewelry maker face when using wires. Well, don’t worry about it! You can learn how to prevent jewelry wires from unwinding with the help from this article. 


1. Lock with a Zip Lock Pack! 

The size of the zip lock should be enough for the wire to occupy, and be sure to give off a bit of space allowance. With the closed space of the zip lock, there won’t be enough space for the wire to unwind. This is also a great way to store and secure your jewelry wires.  


2. Bowl!

Make sure the bowl you’re using will have enough space for the wire reel. You can also easily roll back the unused wire with the help of the bowl.  


3. Tighten the Wire with Rubber Band 

The rubber band you should be using is something that is smaller than the reel of the wire, or else, it won’t work. Fill in a part of the wire string on the rubber band, and then create a number 8 shape. The lower circle of the 8 will be used to fit the whole reel of the wire. 

Step 1


Step 2 


Step 3

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