How You Can Create Your Own Vintage-Style Jewelry

How You Can Create Your Own Vintage-Style Jewelry

How You Can Create Your Own Vintage-Style Jewelry

Vintage-style jewelry can be a broad term, so in this blog, let it be known that we’re referring to classy or Victorian-era themed jewelry. Also, vintage-style jewelry should not be confused with vintage jewelry. You see, vintage-style jewelry is more of a design theme that follows classic styles of fashion accessories, whereas vintage jewelry are jewelry that are decades old regardless of design.

There are people who want to create vintage-style jewelry because of the following reasons: it’s difficult to find vintage jewelry, expensive to buy one, or people just love the “old-school” or classic designs. If you’re interested in making vintage-jewelry then you’re lucky to stumble on our article! We’re giving off tips on how you can create your very own vintage-style jewelry.


1. The Components 

As you may already know, it’s the components that make the vintage-style jewelry what it is. You can actually use any metal components like gold, silver, and brass. If you want more than just metal components, then you can also add some pearls to your jewelry.

However, if you really want to have that vintage look then you may need to use metal components that have aged quite well, or you can just patina your metal jewelry if you’re really determined to have vintage-style jewelry. There are patina products that help you get that well aged look without waiting for your metal to get that natural patina.


2. Use Your Old Jewelry 

Instead of purchasing new components for your vintage-style jewelry, you may want to do some searching in your old or disregarded jewelry. You may find something interesting in there that could be used for your vintage-themed project. Who knows, you may find an antique or well-aged metal jewelry.


3. Be Careful When Cleaning the Metal Components

This is more of an extra tip that will prove useful in your future jewelry designing. Whether the metal component you’re using is still brand new or a bit aged, you need to be careful when cleaning it. Don’t carelessly wash it water since it might get stained and damaged. For cleaning metal jewelry, just use a clean and smooth cloth that is sprayed with Windex. You can also just spray mildly with Windex and dry it with a soft cloth.


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