5 Tests You Can Use to Check if your Pearl Jewelry is Real or Fake

If you have your very own pearl jewelry or planning to purchase one, you might want to know some tips and tricks on how to verify the authenticity of those pearls. You can always go to a well-renowned jewelry to get your pearls checked, but some of you might want to try out their appraisal skills—so here are some tests you can use to check if your pearls are fake or not. 


1. Gloss and Shine

The way the pearl reflects light and creates a noticeable gloss and shine should be one of the things you should check. Top notch pearls are absolutely shiny and have a perfect glimmer. In fact, if you stare at the pearls up close, you can actually see a reflection of your own face clearly (lighting should be considered). However, there are genuine pearls that don’t have the picture perfect luster anymore due to improper care or age; this will make the pearls look fake so it’s best not to rely on this test alone.     



2. Overtones

Overtones are the distinct color that the pearls produce when exposed to light. Generally, fake pearls don’t produce overtones; this is why it looks bland when its surface is exposed to light. There are cases when genuine pearls don’t produce noticeable overtones so don’t immediately label a pearl “fake” when you can’t see its overtone.  



3. Is it Cool? 

Take note, you need to use pearls that you haven’t been using for quite some time in this appraisal test. Gently grip the pearls and let your skin feel its temperature. If you notice that the pearl feels cold, then your pearl is likely genuine. Of course, the pearl will eventually warm up as it adjusts to the room temperature, but in the few seconds you first held the pearls, it should be cold. 




4. The Shape of the Pearl

Most authentic pearls are not perfectly-shaped, and if you encounter some pearls that are insanely perfect in roundness and shape, then it’s most likely fake. However, there are pearls that are perfectly shaped, and it’s extremely rare and pricey. Again, don’t just rely on this test method, use the other mentioned tests as well.  



5. Teeth Test

Before you do this test, make sure you have brushed your teeth. Now, just get one pearl and place it on the “border” of your front teeth. Gently massage the pearl with a sideway movement. If the pearls feel like it has a grainy surface then the pearl is likely genuine. Imitations generally have a smooth texture.   


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